Quiet lately - Jesus Army Life

Photo by Monster. of flickr.comOur 'open house' meals have been quiet lately. Last night I found myself agreeing in prayer with a friend that they would become busy again. It is needed. While there's been a need for breathing space with so much recent activity we also need to carry on with the work of growing the church and that means bread and butter evangelism, inviting people to our meals again. 'God gives the growth.'

Photo by Monster. of flickr.com


Labour pains - Jesus Army Life

I guess I should tell you about the 'prophetic word' we had recently. It was about difficult childbirths and the wounds a mother receives. Since White Stone began we have had many people who've had abortive conversions or struggled to grow in their faith - it's caused us a huge amount of pain over the last few photo by ayvakata of flickr.comyears. And the word is bringing us to face it. Personally I find it so hard that sometimes I really feel like I can't breathe.

Life generally has been amazingly good recently, a blessing from God; but this particular experiecne is part of God shaping us - pruning us to be fruitful. No one ever said it wouldn't hurt.
Photo by ayvakata of flickr.com