Two weeks later - Jesus Army Life

Well, we're still in touch with some people from the evangelism day: four by my count. Not a great deal you may think, but in terms of getting out there and meeting people and then them actually staying in touch with you it's not bad. I'm not saying we're looking at potential conversions here but they are real relationships and that counts for something.


Just a great day - Jesus Army Life

We had an evangelism campaign on Friday which went very well. We're in touch with plenty of people and hope to see some of them soon. There were quite a few new people at our gospel meeting last night in fact.

We just feel very blessed.


Learning - Jesus Army Life

photo by i is Ashby of flickr.comThings I'm learning about brotherhood (noun referring to the active fellowship of Christian men or women)...

  • We all need it - no real brotherhood, no real Christianity

  • It is the deliberate practice of love - we make time to get to know one another more deeply

  • Peers are instrumental in setting an example - you can't excuse yourself because you're not in the same age group

  • It requires you not to be selfish - to work it needs to be prioritised above other individual activities

  • It is attractive - everyone seeks companionship

  • It is healing - friends mirror back to you your faults and help you mature beyond them

  • It builds the church - loving brotherhood draws a crowd

They devoted themselves to the... fellowship (NIV)
Acts 2:42
They were like family to each other (CEV)
They committed themselves to the... the life together (Message)

photo by i is Ashby of flickr.com