Learning - Jesus Army Life

photo by i is Ashby of flickr.comThings I'm learning about brotherhood (noun referring to the active fellowship of Christian men or women)...

  • We all need it - no real brotherhood, no real Christianity

  • It is the deliberate practice of love - we make time to get to know one another more deeply

  • Peers are instrumental in setting an example - you can't excuse yourself because you're not in the same age group

  • It requires you not to be selfish - to work it needs to be prioritised above other individual activities

  • It is attractive - everyone seeks companionship

  • It is healing - friends mirror back to you your faults and help you mature beyond them

  • It builds the church - loving brotherhood draws a crowd

They devoted themselves to the... fellowship (NIV)
Acts 2:42
They were like family to each other (CEV)
They committed themselves to the... the life together (Message)

photo by i is Ashby of flickr.com