Sleeping over - Jesus Army Life, Day 374

I sleep in a room with three bedspaces in it, but currently I'm the only one in there. From time to time (mostly weekends) people stay over and it's great when they do. There's something really cool about sharing your sleeping space, something that harks back to schoolboy days of having your mates stay over. It's certainly a way to make friends quickly. I like that.

We've got a church-wide focus on increasing the number of people living in community at the moment, so I've faith those beds are gonna be filled and soonish. People are certainly keen on the adventure of community, but it's a steep learning curve and we want people to know that when you stay in community you're a disciple - it's a life of fun and sacrifice at the same time.

Last night, I had to explain that to a lad who stayed over and is keen to stay a lot more often. I hope I didn't put him off..... but as our pastor says, "you know a disciple because when you close a door for them they climb in through the window!"