Thanks for everything - Jesus Army Life

We've been learning a lot about joy lately. Not because we've been experiencing it but because we need to! And the lessons have been curious too - not about how to experience joy, but when to... "Always be joyful" commands Paul while sitting in a dungeon!

But we did get a good lesson in how to be joyful the other night. Following the bible teaching someone suggested we thank God for all the trials we're going through. So we did: 'thanks God that life feels so tough', 'thanks God that my wife is always ill', 'thanks that my friend is suffering', 'thanks that I'm always such a sinner', 'thanks that my friend has stopped believing in you'...

It sounded so strange - but because it did, we started laughing and a surprising joy spread through the whole group. It was great because all the things we'd struggled with were now being handed over to God, we were remembering who and what was really important through all the challenges of life. It was very releasing, perhaps most of all because it meant we were beginning to focus on what was good rather than all the bad. And you know what? Even the demons, all the bad spirits, were confused as well because the trials they throw our way were being used to give thanks back to God!

Sounds crazy? It will do till you try it.