Jesus Army Life - Wastelands

I just dropped a recovering alcoholic off at a rehab after he stayed with us for two days. He's been on a waiting list for a while and is hopeful that he is going to make good on his abstinence. I'm glad we were able to help him avoid this particular temptation during the Christmas period; if all goes well he will be able to rejoin his family and begin to sort out his life.

Yesterday (Christmas Day) we took a walk around a lake and across a few icy fields. There were about thirty of us and it felt like a tribe crossing the wilderness of the frozen tundra. The thick sheet of ice which covered the lake was photo by Scott M Duncan at Flickr.comenchantingly beautiful as the low winter sun dazzled on its frosted glass. There were no clouds and only a setting sun to bear witness to this company of sojourners.

Sometimes the struggle of one life barely seems worthwhile in the light of a harsh continued existence. But when you travel with others, life's questions and even its trials are placed in perspective, beauty becomes the backdrop to the hope of finding a way through and you are reminded that nothing is without purpose even when all seems wasted.

photo by Scott M Duncan at Flickr.com