Holiness ablaze - Jesus Army Life

Which is more holy?

A gang of more than 20 guys chatting and singing round the fire, sharing in the love and life of Christian fellowship?

Or two local lads who've clearly smoked too much weed, satisfying their 'munchies' with egg on toast in our home kitchen, looked after by and laughing with the resident saints?

Obvious isn't it?

It's both.

Holiness is all about where heaven touches earth. It's that simple moment when Jesus is found in those everyday activities - made special because, consciously or unconsciously, God is truly welcome. Really, it doesn't matter so much how right or wrong the situation is - most times things are never completely good and often the bad isn't completely bad either. What really matters is that these moments express the deepest truth, that God has stepped into our experience, in the historical figure of Jesus, and is bringing something eternally good out of the mess.