Living - Jesus Army Life

  1. I want to live.
  2. I want to know what it is to live for something good.
  3. I want to look back and know that the choices I've made have not been selfish.
  4. I want to know that I've given my energy to something worthwhile.
  5. I want the relationships I've made to have been productive, to have produced joy and goodness.
  6. I want to savour the small detail of life. I want to know what it is to be thankful.
  7. I want to inspire others to savour life too, to think, to feel, to taste the beauty. And I want their beauty to be different to the beauty I know. I want us to share together in the immense gladness there is existing on this planet.
  8. I want to pay attention to the misery experienced by others. I want to be courageous enough to allow myself to feel it keenly - so that I am motivated to live and act on behalf of others.
  9. I want to speak, and for my words to cause a rhythm which ripples through the lives of others.
  10. I never want to die without living.
  11. Summer time in Pigtown
    Summer time in Pigtown
    by Bukutgirl, on Flickr