Seasons Part 2 - Jesus Army Life

At the turning of the year we had a time of prophesying into the future.

How do you do that? I can hear some people ask. Well, its simple really, you er... um... okay, it's difficult to explain but the Bible says:
You can all prophesy
1 Corinthians 14:31

And we kinda work on that basis.

Anyway, one of my friends spoke about how she felt we'd experienced a time of things dying as a community together, a shaking of our roots, (see Seasons Part 1) and that this had been followed by a year of Winter. 2012, she proposed, would be a time of Spring.

Perhaps it's too early to say, but I believe she was spot on. It seems as if new life is springing up everywhere: in old relationships, in new friendships, in new determination to get things done, even in the miraculous. There's a sense of adventure in the air as we feel our purpose returning.

I heard someone else say that enemies of the church would like to see her 'parked'. In other words not moving anywhere, just staying as she is. But you can't stop the momentum of God, yes, things can slow down and even die, but the life we celebrate together has something of the eternal about it. We just need to have the courage to keep pushing forwards.

Here's a little something which describes the purpose and heart of this blog so powerfully. It's called Seasons (See if you can spot me and my wonderful new wife in it...)