Never lose hope - Jesus Army Life

I drafted this blog a while back when times were tough. Now that we're coming through, it's a timely reminder...

Making the most of life. Photo by Ritesh Man Tamrakar on Flickr.com
There's a big question for our church at the moment:
What next?
Not everyone's verbally asking the question but I think everyone feels it - some more than others.
Some are feeling it badly, getting shaky, questioning vision, needing encouragement.
Some are dreaming dreams, grasping at straws, complaining to God.
But I don't know anyone who's handling things particularly well...

What I do know is that God is still with us, bringing us new people, offering his spirit. We should be able to trust Him.
Personally, I've been wondering how we can grow stronger and more confident in God, especially in such seemingly dry times?
I think I see an answer in not just counting, but investing in, God's blessing. Tough times can lead us to lean on God: 'Will God help us?' But good times can also teach us to trust if we ask: 'How can I make the most of God's blessing?'
In richer societies, where its easy to put our confidence in other things, we need to capitalise on God's provision and see him coming through even more - that way our confidence can grow.
And, deliberately celebrating God's goodness will also prepare us to endure through darker times, knowing that it's worth putting our trust in the living God.
Let us never lose the confidence we have gained.