Mission Bell - Jesus Army Life, Day 403

Huuuzzzaaaggggghhhh!! One of the younger sisters made covenant last night! It's a signal that we're breaking into a new phase of growth, where the radical drive to give up your life for the cause of Christ comes before all else.

We may have been able to grow in our numbers but calling people to commitment has been difficult, but we're breaking through and hopefully this genuine hearted sister will be the first of many.

Radical causes have their strains however. At the moment it is the frustration of still being very busy. Having completed a four day evangelism campaign and a three day festival last month, this month offers more evangelism days, work in the Drop-In, big church celebrations and smaller household and cell-church events. Moaning? Not me (well, not much); we only get these vital opportunities to build the church because we're committed. Really, there is nothing better on earth worth expending our energy for.