Still learning - Jesus Army Life, Day 399

Learning to live in the Spirit is an interesting exercise. Occasionally you might want to, often you don't, but life in the Spirit is a key requirement of living as a Christian. Living in community you often don't have a choice! If you want to be effective you have to live in the Spirit... Oftentimes young disciples will arrive having spent all day in town and, really, they haven't really thought much about spiritual all day. And they come in with moods and moans and fears and anxieties and the Holy Spirit is somewhere very low on the priority list. Obviously this isn't all the time but when they do come in with all this mad stuff if you're not willing to be in the Spirit yourself then you have no hope of leading them into higher things. And honestly you're no better than they are - your carnal self might just be a tiny bit more mature.

by Pandiyan of Flickr.comSo the demand is to get into the Spirit and live the life! To stop being selfish and continue pouring yourself out. To enjoy living in the glory of God. It's the nature of repentance I guess, to keep embracing the cross, that's how Jesus loved us, it's the narrow way.