Still running - Jesus Army Life

photo by nnic of flickr.comIt's been ages, I know. What's been lacking? Inspiration? Not really. Vision? Maybe. Energy? Definitely.

This could be a neat way to introduce the theme of perseverance in community, but really, it's more simple than that. I've been worn out. (And to those who love me, 'No, I don't want a holiday.') It's not burn out - at least I hope not, I'd always hoped burn out would be more glamourous than this. It's simply a matter of not being able to juggle too many plates competently and so I had to drop some.
Does this new entry indicate a resurgence in energy? You bet! Though (ouch) I'm still having to take it a little easy (groan).

So I find myself increasing not reducing my vision, refining the love I want to offer into something more solid, and being more definite about my sacrifice, but yes, there are times when I hide more too, times when I have to stop myself reacting too quickly.

It's like I've run the gauntlet and I'm still running, and I don't want to stop. There's still only one thing that counts in this life, one person, and he spent all his life entirely and resumed it all again in greater glory simply for me. So I'm running increasingly more until I can jump through that vortex of death into life unknown with him.
Photo by nnic of flickr.com