Learning power - Jesus Army Life

Photo by cayusa from flickr.com It's been a long time, but I can't help feeling we've come through a bit of a season as a household. Now we're entering into a time of fruitful faith. There will still be need for endurance but we've learnt so much about holding on through the hard times they won't seem so harsh anymore. And the fruit will come, we'll see more people turn to Jesus.

And I'm glad, personally however these last few months have been an opportunity to question the extent of my own spiritual clout. A friend of mine committed suicide a month ago and it's left me angry and disappointed, especially since he sometimes confided in me. I would have hoped that something of God in me might, maybe, have been enough to persuade him that there's a life worth living for. He is a Christian. But it's challenged me.

Will I ever know the power of God enough to bring change to others' lives? I want to, I need to.
Photo by cayusa from flickr.com