Jesus Army Life - The unmistakable '?'

I want to express something. I'm probably going to get it all wrong, but there is this person I'm totally excited about. I'm excited because this person is in the habit of staying completely mysterious and yet showing up in my life in the most memorable ways. And I want to search them out, I want to track him down and I want my heart to be his heart. I want to know his will and let his future be my possibility. I'm astounded by his ability to recreate new magic in people's lives, to bring good out of bad, the impossible out of the mundane, faith out of cynicism. He's invaded history countless times and he's so close to my own heart. It's not like I even know him and yet he is present in my soul, and I'm excited by the chase, my life is a spirit-blown adventure. And more and more, his supernatural goodness breaks in to my cold hard reality - bringing an impact to the lives of those I know, whether they believe him or not. He is the unmistakable question mark in everyone's' lives and I want him to be the defining mark in mine.