I believe - Jesus Army Life, Day 289

It's been an interesting few days for me, not least because I find myself constantly thinking and praying about several of the younger men who, in some part, look to me for direction. Just yesterday I had a phone call from one who, by his own admission, is to blame for his problems. But he just wanted to come round because he feels life is a particularly desperate. I hesitated for a moment, knowing I was supposed to be leading a group for a friend that evening, but said, "yes, come round". Somehow we'd work it out... but he never turned up.

I still feel angry about a world where people can find themselves trapped and screwed up. But I feel for those who get caught out. And I know that the responsibility falls to me to advertise, through my own life, a better way.

Either Jesus works or He doesn't. I believe He does, and I believe that I'll be able to tell you my prayers have been answered.