Jaffa brotherhood - Jesus Army Life, Day 299

Of all the things I could write about: the brotherhood, great Saturday meetings, 'more than 24', friendships, intimate sharing over breakfast, discipleship, new friends, fireworks, spiritual flak, I wanted to write about this...

Yesterday, a tremendously wonderful brother taught me how to eat a jaffa cake biscuit leaving the orange bit till last! You have to chip off round the edge of the cake, then you need to nibble or scrape off the chocolate, and lastly you have to lever the orange bit from the cake part with your tongue. Of course this brother is an absolute expert when it comes to the practice of appreciating food. He's pretty good at other things too, like being a 'guardian of Zion' and always putting 'the Kingdom' first.

And I love him and think he's great.

And why share on this moment when there are so many other momentous occasions I could write about? Because sometimes it's those silly moments of togetherness that shine like jewels in your day. Life is great, it's tough but it's great, and it deserves celebration.