Not bored yet - Jesus Army Life, Day 297

I'm discovering God afresh. All this stuff about the reality of grace has shown me how much God likes taking risks. He wants us to believe in Him. He's the exciting God who created the world, who brought the man, Jesus, through death into eternal life, the God who heals, who rescues, who wants to be trusted.

But we can't believe in God when we play it safe. There's no life in that kind of security. It's only when we place our future on the line that we have something to hope in, and I'm finding it's only then that we really begin to discover faith.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for...

I don't want to live a boring life where the risk is minimal, where everything is ordered and where the reality of the gospel has no value because everything else is okay. I want to pursue a life unimaginable, where the pain of every day is payment for the excitement of seeing people discover a miraculous God. Where trusting God becomes a challenge and the hope of faith the only measurable quality of life.

Last night I was praying: God, I don't want to be a thankless man, I want to be a man who rejoices in your blessing, I want to be a man with Your soul, a man with a character of risky grace, a man who refuses to be anything but real, who refuses to hide away and sabotage his own self, a man who trusts in You.

And this morning I woke up singing.

I believe in Jesus,
I believe he is the Son of God,
I believe he died and rose again,
I believe he paid for us all.

And I believe that he's here now,
standing in our midst.
Here with the power to heal now
and the grace to forgive.