Needing a dad - Jesus Army Life, Day 317

I got up at 6:30am this morning (not unusual) and cycled across town to another community house. I'd arranged to walk into work with one of the senior elders of our church. Something I hope to do on a fortnightly basis.

It's a response to an encouragement by a pastor from another church. He's the father of one of our members and was highlighting the need for young leaders in our household to be learning from 'older' warriors of the faith. We're a fairly young household so there's not much opportunity to do that (though I do enjoy sitting at the feet of the one seasoned elder we have).

It was good just to "offload"... I hope he appreciated it too. As new leaders of a busy household we hold so many concerns and encounter so many situations where we don't know exactly the right answer, it can be quite a daunting situation. So many moments go by where I think: "I don't know what to do here!" And somehow you just have to go for what you think is best and learn the lessons afterwards.

Even though you have ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers...
1 Corinthians 4:15

While cycling over I met one of the young lads I am mentoring. We walked and talked for a bit. I hope I can do right by him. I hope I can point him to Christ as others have pointed me.

There are so many men without fathers out there...