Bakeaway - Jesus Army Life, Day 310

There's been a fair amount of joking about brothers liking flowers - with the mocking coming from various sisters no less. I've kept out of this one. Give me a cathedralesque tree to marvel at anyday. I'd always choose a walk through a forest over a hike across the hills, but this is community, we have to accept all shades of opinion, including those of er... tulip sniffing brothers.

So you can imagine my horror last night when, in a group with some of the young lads where we chucked about ideas about what love was about, when I proposed we do something to show love to a particular individual the lads suggested baking him a cake!

Oh the shame! I'd rather take a hike at that suggestion. But actually I'm lying: I love baking. But I'm just quaking in mortal fear as word gets around that in our brother's cell group we do... baking.