Refreshing - Jesus Army Life, Day 321

It was a packed weekend as usual. The household put on a music show for the church at Live at the Well on Friday. And then there was a wedding for a loveable couple the following day. But we were slightly depleted at our evening meeting - several regulars were not there, otherwise we would have easily have made our target of 'more than 24'. Still, if we took an average for the whole year so far, the barbecue this weekend would easily cover over this blip on the chart. Last year we had about 130 people. Wanna come?

On Sunday I decided to act prophetically and bought the house family some melons. I said that I wanted to 'refresh' the hearts of the saints through an act of love and encouraged others to do likewise. Other actions followed, feet were cooled with basins of water, chocolates and 'delights' (of the Turkish variety) were brought from people's rooms. There was a lot of laughter especially from myself when a brother commented that the Western Isles were the most beautiful place he'd been to on earth. He admitted then that he hadn't been to a lot of places and a sister shot back: "Yes, and one of them is Liverpool!" (his home town). I laughed uncontrollably.

Do note the insinuation that Liverpool is less than lovely is only hearsay. I've never been there, but I do intend to go there one day... perhaps for a honeymoon or something like that.

One of the younger sisters has been going round wearing a t-shirt with the words Style 3 wannabe (Style 3 is a term we use for church members who live in community). She's too young for community at the moment, but she's gaining a good reputation for herself, with lots of loving selfless acts. I heard it said of her yesterday that she wants to go for complete commitment to our radical church lifestyle (Covenant, Community, Celibacy) unless God tells her otherwise. That really is refreshing. So often you hear Christians approach this the other way round: 'I'm not going to do that because God hasn't called me'. May God guide her and keep her on her path.