Times of intimacy - Jesus Army Life, Day 315

The whole community was round the table last night. It seemed ages since we had last been together just by ourselves - even last night we had a few guests with us. There's been so much going on, some of it in the various activities of the church, and personal situations have kept some of us away, but distracting activity has been going on simply in our hearts and has meant that we were absent even though present at the table.

I've been musing on the importance of intimacy lately. There can be intimacy round the dinner table, even if shared between five or six or even twelve hearts. Guests can be welcomed into that intimacy too, it need not be exclusive, but it is important to value and protect that intimacy: to share hearts and not ride roughshod over what others highly regard. With intimacy comes commitment, in fact you cannot often have intimacy unless there is a sense of commitment. It is a precious thing.

But I'm thinking also about how others can be invited into that intimacy safely. I probably won't find an answer. Intimacy is about sharing, and nothing can truly create that intimacy if one party is not willing to share. Yet there must be a way... something to ponder on I guess. I wonder how Jesus approached the issue. There were times when he deliberately went to private places with his closest men and there were times when that intimacy was invaded by others who wanted to be a part of his life.