Everyday - Jesus Army Life, Day 533

photo by carf of flickr.com Quiet times have become interesting lately. It's a task to get up early but the first real test is where to have one? In my room there really is nowhere comfortable to perch and staying in bed is deadly - before you know it you're snoring your prayers rather than pleading them. Besides there's another brother in my room so it's not exactly 'private'. Now, someone else has taken to getting up early as well and so they're always beating me to the Quiet room, my preferred place of repose. So I'm left with the choice of the dining room or the office. I prefer the dining room as there's some morning light in there.

Once you settle into a space where you can actually focus on God, it's still an effort to still your soul, but it's worth it. Having a morning converssation with God, some early exercise for your spirit, is an incredible boon to the day. It's only the prologue to the the coming hours, where the real spiritual activity tales place, acts of goodness, abiding in Him etc. but I do wonder how anyone manages to maintain a relationship with God without some daily practice.
photo by carf of flickr.com