Good feelings - Jesus Army Life, Day 534

photo by Simon Pais of flickr.comI feel like partying and hey, perhaps if someone else was in the mood, I'd go down to the student bar and dance to some tunes. Earlier I was in the mood just to go by myself but I've just come back from a kickabout with some lads and I'm a tad worn out. Still, it's nice to still have that party feeling. My esteemed sister just commented that it's time for people to retire to bed, but I feel very much awake.

There's something about living life to the full that appeals to me. I don't want a quiet life. I want a life that's blazing Jesus. I hate it when I feel tired and can barely hold a conversation together because every moment if worth indulging in to the full.

Earlier tonight I told a friend of mine that he had anger. It was, if anything, intended as a compliment (he'd had cramp on the pitch and some of his emotion was showing). I'm not sure how he took it but I'd want to encourage him to be positive about his aggression. Anger is cool if you can control it. We need more people who know how to use their anger in the right situation. We have to be a people who want to push forward, we can't afford to settle into a rut, and sometimes it takes that dynamic atmosphere of anger to break through a situation. It's part of life, like being in the mood for a party, and both feelings can be forces for good.

photo by Simon Pais of flickr.com