"A little brief authority" - Jesus Army Life, Day 521

Our church leader is always reminding us that love does not allow the disciple to remain in his sin. Love chastises teaches scripture, it doesn't mess around, it doesn't treat people as if they don't matter and take their sin lightly. We have to switch from our idea of love to God's. God is completely for us, that is the nature of his love and you can read about it throughout the bible. The famous Psalm 23, The Lord is my shepherd, is a perfect example, but even there it is his "rod" and his "staff" that comfort, in other words the shepherd's discipline brought the sheep security.

We need to be angry about what deserves our anger and stop thinking that Christianity is about being nice to people. That just compromises the grace by which God has poured out his forgiveness. It makes a mockery of what Jesus has done.

Don't we realise that by trying to smooth over our wrongs and other people's small rebellions we become complicit in their activity? I'm not talking about every person here but the actions of fellow Christians, those who profess to be our brethren. We all have a duty for which we will have to answer on Judgement Day: we must not allow righteousness to be tainted and God's name to be blasphemed because of us. Of course, we will sin, it is inevitable until we reach maturity, so then, let us speed on towards maturity and love one another into making right choices.

All sin, no matter how small, disrespects our friends, ourselves andPhoto by itsjustlo of flickr.com God, not to mention the necessary victim that someone somewhere becomes as a result of our woeful activity. Let us truly turn to love and fight sin. Be strong and not weak. Be always loving with tenderness but firmness and may Christ's Church rise to overcome her enemies.

Photo by itsjustlo of flickr.com