Life! - Jesus Army Life, Day 533

possibly the most expressive verse in the bible, photo by diane leigh of flickr.comTwo of our sisters, one younger, one a little more mature, are running round the house sticking up bible verses. The purpose is not to put everyone in a state of constant religious paranoia, but to communicate life and inspiration. They're certainly having fun planning exactly where to place each item: one on the fridge, one by the door, one on the computer, one in the loo. The eager conversation betrays the underlying atmosphere in the house – there's life here and it wants to live! It's got to burst out, it has to express itself. There is so much yearning here, youth with a vision for God, that it has to explode into passion for his purpose, just as a flower has to bloom in beauty for the glory of God.

photo by diane leigh of flickr.com