Daring to go deeper - Jesus Army Life, Day 205

I received an encouraging email in response to yesterday's blog - it said:

...the deeper the pain, the deeper the friendship...

I like that, and it inspires me to be willing to embrace others with more trust and for the sake of a greater love.

I never mentioned how wonderful Sunday lunch was. We usually have other households to dinner on Sunday, but this weekend the dining room was packed with just our own household members which was excellent, and another measure of how far we have come since our start seven years ago. Praise God for what he's doing.

At dinner yesterday evening, we were recalling the early days, when several of us were entering into the vision of starting a new community house together. There were a few of our newer members at the table too. Afterwards, the brave souls went along to the local celibacy meeting to see what it was all about. Not that it really takes much daring to do that, but some people get so frightened of the possibility of becoming a celibate, they daren't go near it!

On, a sadder note, one of the household cats was run over last night. He survived, but is being looked after by a vet at the moment.