Adventurers - Jesus Army Life, Day 201

No, I'm not sick, I'm working from home today.

The sickness bug continues to do it's rounds however. I can think of only two people living here who haven't been knocked out by the bug at some point. Things are feeling a lot lighter for everyone though. There's a lot of positivity and determination around again.

It's great to work from home, you get to hear the sounds of the children in the background. The day feels as if it has more of a natural rhythm, centred, of course, around the kitchen; mealtimes are obviously more communal than lunch at the desk.

I've been writing a lot about the sisters lately. Naturally. They're an integral part of the household life. But there's a lot that I miss as well, like the time they went for a midnight walk in the snow. They're usually up for some adventure (and I'll report them here if they tell me...) like the time they tripped off to see the sea and walk along the beach, in the middle of the night... two and a half hours drive away! And the many opportunities to dance in the rain... and the list goes on.

Anyway, all this is simply to report that last night they successfully got a sisters' 'cell group' under way. I think there were about seven of them, and there could easily be more... It's an activity that's been ripening to happen for ages. Expect lots more stories of adventures. And praise God for what he's doing among us.