God Incarnate - Jesus Army Life, Day 211

Lots to cover from the weekend. Highs and lows? Too many to mention. But we've got some good God stuff going on. When God gets into the place he has a habit of interfering in your life and pressing out the bad bits... Wouldn't have it any other way.

For so many people God can get a bit too personal - and then their crankier side comes to the surface. It does in all of us. But God isn't interested in how we want to appear to be or what we think we want, he's just interested in us, bringing out more of our beautiful God-made reality. Everything else for him can just go hang on a cross.

So how about it? You up for some more challenging times where you think it's people getting under your skin when really it's God-at-work? You still up for keeping that cosy image of Jesus where you feel safe or do you want him to really invade your life and begin getting a bit more... intimate?