Longsuffering - Jesus Army Life, Day 206

I'm avoiding talking about the stupid argument I had last night with my friend. It was all my fault, well mostly, but that's another story...

We're currently making plans to rearrange some of our community activities because we have builders coming in next week. (Cue lots of frustration and stress.) A wall is being knocked down in order to extend our dining room for when things get a bit cramped.

It should help a great deal in the long run: no more squeezing 30+ people into a room the size of a double bedroom. No more enduring the shouts and crudities of various forms of teenage life while feeling like there's no place to run and hide. At least now the air won't turn blue as quickly. Seriously, the extra space should mean there's a general lessening of volume which will at least be kinder to some of our older members.

Knocking down walls is not exactly the most interesting event in church life but it can signify that something important. I won't get all prophetic just yet though. Practically, we're hoping to share our Thursday night mayhem around a few of the other community houses. We've had to move a regional leaders' meeting too. But personally I'm looking forward to sitting around having our Agape meal on our laps again. It always was quite a humbling experience and it reminds me of how we used to dream of having the home we now have.

(Cue waves of gratitude to God and longsuffering friends.)