Last week a sister suggested we go cherry picking in the Memorial Park near our house. About eight of us went along and we collected two ice-cream tubs worth of fruit. It was quite a sight with four people up the cherry tree and the others scrambling around on the ground, purple lipped with all the cherries they didn't manage to gather into the boxes. Several people commented as they walked past how they wanted to be involved. Being together is a huge part of Jesus Army Church life

From time to time all relationships hit obstacles, so it is great to have neutral opportunities to work together; we need to take time to enjoy one another's company and affirm we are still on the same side. At one point our whole church used to turn out to pick the gooseberries we'd grown or harvest potatoes, it still happens now to some extent. This kind of activity has a long lasting effect on the strength and bonds in relationships. And, at least one week later, we're still enjoying the fruit of our labour. Mmmmmmmm.