First Kiss

I guess everyone writes their first post with some trepidation. The idealist will hammer out his manifesto, the inquisitive, I imagine, is more free to share his restlessness. I'm certainly more of the latter, though the title of this blog might not suggest so...

It's all rather like your first kiss I suppose. You don't really want to get it wrong, but you need to get the whole love-affair going somehow! (Though, thinking about it now, I'm sure my first kisses were far more of the idealist's temperament - just goes to show, I may sound timid, but somewhere inside there is obviously a raging spirit wanting to kick down a few doors and turn over some holy cows - cord of whips included.)

Men have to get angry before they can become holy. (The Times 16/5/5)

I certainly feel unsure about all this, I'm looking forward to expressing myself, but this is no kiss-and-tell diary. The idea of this blog is to give those who are inquisitive some insight into the radical life of Christian community (the all things in common kind; Acts 2:44; a bit like the one in BBC2's The Monastery, where the above quote is taken from, but much younger).

And for the idealists out there? Will this appeal to your more revolutionary sentiment? I think it's going to challenge your socks off! It certainly does mine. See it as an opportunity to watch a prophetic movement from a more personal perspective. But, whatever way you like to kiss and express your love, this is me expressing some of mine.