Don't live in vain

This weekend my household joined the rest of our church on Trafalgar Square in London for a Jesus-rally. It was a great day and I met a a man who had arrived from Africa looking for work. He had been unsuccesful so far and my friend (who spoke to him in French) shared some food with him and put him in touch with some friends in the city.

I was surprised at how friendly the atmosphere was in spite of police sirens which were audible every hour, there were armed police around as well, but I was impressed at how people were continuing their every day lives.

The shooting (execution) of an innocent man has touched everyone in the UK. There's a good reason we generally don't have police with guns - it's so accidents like this don't happen. All I can think is that none of the lives which have passed in recent weeks need to be forgotten. Even in our small community we can work to help people and communicate the value of life and the high importance of prefering others to ourselves. It's an important statement in turbulant times such as these. In fact it's the reason we call ourselves the 'modern Jesus army': problems are occurring everyday and we want to be militant in helping others find solutions.

Faith can be part of the problem but it can also be part of the solution. In fact it's crazy to think that when Jesus offered himself as the solution so many try to cope through difficult times without him. We all need to know Jesus in this life because of the trials that we face.