J.E.S.U.S. Revolution!

It should have been boring... Yesterday, the entire church gathered for its AGM and the night before we (the youth element of the chuch) had been parading through Northampton like a carnival of holy anarchists shouting, "Jesus - Revolution"... I should have been tired. But it was actually hugely gratifying to attend meetings where, together, we assessed our position as a nationwide church.

There were the financial reports from the community businesses and church trusts. We're doing okay on that front. And there was a lot of focus on our covenant commitment together, more than usual. And since covenant is my favourite topic (I'll explain some time) I was rather pleased.

There were reports on how the church was doing around the country and we had a presentation on how close we were getting to our targets for growth, which sounded a bit like the Saturday football scores! But it was soon followed by a sound reproach from the church pastor and something of a prophetic warning, which deserves some thought.

My Dad joined us for the celebration in the evening (first time) and his were pretty astute. Apparently there's quite a punk culture in our church! lol All in all a good day, and a good evening chatting to friends when we got home.