The Christian Paradox (Harpers.org)

The Christian Paradox (Harpers.org) I found this interesting. I know how keen some of my American friends are to protect the reputation of their own country, and rightly so - they have a culture of backing up the home team (the English don't bizarrely - they prefer the underdog). But it is always useful to sit back and take a real look at what is going on. Hence this survey of the state of real Christianity in the US.

Curiously enough I think it can often be said in the UK that the non-religious come across as more Christian than the Christians! At least in terms of how they refuse to judge others and are keen to help, or at least sympathise with those in need. I know I'm treading on thin ice here (and I'm quite probably wrong) but I think I can say at least this with full assurance: There is a great desire for Christians to stop compromising and actually get on with doing what they believe. When the Jesus Army first got started they were referred to in the press as 'real Christians!' Whatever 'real Christians' means it is reflective of the feeling that there is a lot of hypocrisy out there; and this latest report is just part of that.