We have one who speaks to the Father in our defence

Yesterday I screwed up. I don't want to go into the gory details but I was left feeling like rubbish and out of my spirit. To make things worse it was Agape that evening, a 'love-feast' we have once a week to celebrate our commitment together through the bread and wine.

During the worship time I was on my face feeling like I wanted to be rid of all my sin-stained self. How could I covenant once again with these brothers and sisters after I had been so callous? Needless to say when the evening's leader suggested a time for confession I eagerly grabbed a brother and we shared on our various failings. We prayed together and recalled the gospel truths: that Jesus gave up his life because of this.

The evening went better after that, we shared a meal, took the bread and wine and prayed together for various people. The teaching was on how an awakened conscience leads to godliness... and I can honestly only begin to desire that some of that process would happen in me.