Empty Chairs - Jesus Army Life, Day 91

Last night we prayed over empty chairs in our dining room.

The event was our Agape meal. That's where the committed core of the household come together to renew their covenant vows.

We are conscious that while there is a healthy group of covenant members living at the community house, the number of covenanted members we have living in their own homes is relatively small.

We do have some very committed non-resident White Stoners, they help minister in meetings, bring life and joy to the household, evangelise, provide practically in terms of transport and finance, ground us in reality and support the vision. However, perhaps of necessity, much of the work in this growing church is taken on by those who live full-time in community. We need to expand our base.

So, there we were, praying over the empty chairs at our dinner table; asking God to provide what we cannot create.

It was a symbolic moment and one I look forward to coming into fruition.