Photo essay - Jesus Army Life, Day 84

I asked one of the teenagers to do a photo project about 'White Stone' Christian Community. Here are some of the pictures she took...

Everyone loves music and there's always a guitar within easy reach. Some of the younger guys who come round are learning the guitar now. For them there's a slow transition taking place from the darkness of some rock music to the inspiration of worship songs. The more mature guitarists can sing beautifully, especially when they sing melodically under the influence of the Spirit.

The brothers wash up after the Wednesday night simplicity meal: soup and bread. Simplicity because we're trying to save money to fund our Jesus Centre projects, which help to bring hope to drug addicts, the homeless, prostitutes, the rejected, the battered, people with a chaotic lifestyle.

White Stone house seems to have been developed in the 1950s. It must be at once impressive and archaic to some of the younger guys who come round, but we needed a big enough place to house the twelve residential members living there.

Our visitor's book is a framed white sheet in the entrance hall. Probably only two thirds of regular visitors have signed the board. It's a big family.

The teenagers have adopted 'Jé.hu' as their 'Mystery Machine' van. It's covered with a red cross livery and is unashamedly a Jesus Army vehicle. They get a kick out of winding down the windows, waving and calling to people, "Jesus loves you!" as they pass. The window of the car was smashed the other night.

One of our photographer's friends, nicknamed 'Tender'. All the friends are discovering the life of the Holy Spirit who is in turn helping them to find love, confidence and real identity in a screwed up world.