Nighttime in community - Jesus Army Life, Day 103

I couldn't sleep last night. Probably something to do with all that cottage cheese I had before I went to bed. Now I feel like I'm being held together with safety pins.

Night time in community has a life of its own. An hour won't pass without someone moving around. But you can creep downstairs, turn on the fire and read until you feel sleepy again, or pray quietly (I had a friend who used to think that would definitely put you to sleep). There's something about finding a room that is always so full of activity now peaceful and still. As if the notes of conversation still hang in the air. In the quiet you can sense the presence of God, He was there in that conversation, and that laughter, the memories carry a spiritual ambiance of their own.

And then, of course, there's waiting for morning, when all the community activity begins again, and His steadfast love is renewed with the dawn.