Love is... - Jesus Army Life, Day 90

A good friend of mine is stopping over for a few days. He lived in community for over a year before, now he's carefully testing the waters again.

Worryingly he'll be stopping in my room.

The problem is I currently share my space with a very lovable scruff, lovable yes, but I need to major on the scruff part!

Once I would nag my companion to tidy his stuff daily, but then I visited a respected brother's room at another community house. He had to put up with much, much worse, so I decided to stop nagging and start loving.

The situation has improved over time, but when it's bad, it's bad! Another Christian brother just recently challenged my room mate to tidy the room while my friend is here as 'a gift of love' to him. But I'm not holding my breath.

It would be a great way to show love. I'd certainly appreciate it if the young scally went out of his way to welcome my mate and make him feel comfortable. Tidying up his dirty clothes would also show a bit of love to the people who have to wash them all the time! Getting three weeks worth of dirty washing in one go is not very motivating, not to mention the hygiene!

But lovable as my young friend may be, we'll just have to see how willing he is to give love in return...