Milestones - Jesus Army Life, Day 365

Worcester Cathedral set. Looking towards Worcester Cathedral from Powick battlefield. By Fred Bloggz of Flickr.comNew things are happening at White Stone. On Saturday we had an experimental household split. This is the culmination of our 'more than 24' campaign, pushing towards creating two households in White Stone. Even after breaking into two groups there were still about 13 in each party - viable households of their own.

The single hour we spent apart went fairly well for both groups. There was some uncertainty but people rose to the challenge. We plan to have another go in two weeks.

We won't be separating yet, that won't happen until some time in the new year. But God has given us many quality saints and I have faith he will provide more - it should make the possibility for creating two strong house-churches very realistic indeed.

Also last week the brother's cell group made a foray into Worcester. This was also a bit of a milestone, since we plan to visit fairly regularly to evangelise, make friends and potentially begin a cell-group there. It all remains to be seen, but why not? God will build his Church, and he'll use us!

PS. I'm trying to learn the difference between furtive prayer and fervent prayer - see last week's entry.