The trouble with Maria - Jesus Army Life, Day 342

We've been fasting and praying for breakthrough in various people's lives lately. It's been amazing to see people who seemed to be drifting away make a return. I don't pretend to know how God's divine hand works in these things. All I know is, as was quoted recently, "when we pray, coincidences happen." And it's been happening for a handful of individuals.

I'm not going to pretend that it's all rosy either. We're not exactly talking about the return of Maria in the Sound of Music here (that would be funny). But the love we're talking about is deeper than any Hollywood musical could portray.

I've been praying personally for the kind of grace Jesus always showed. The welcome and acceptance that was powerful enough to soften so many hearts. You may think that's naive, but if Jesus did it then I know it's possible. You see, he's still alive, and he lives in us.

The scary thing is there are some members of our household who know the entire script of this film!!