Spinning around - Jesus Army Life, Day 350

"Again! Daddy, again!" My friend is swinging round his young daughter, having just got home from work. (I've just wolfed down a packet of crackers... compare and contrast - lol). How does love spring up so naturally?

Yesterday evening we sat round the table for a pleasant and lingering meal time. There were candles on the table and various courses, including the mandatory olives. We'd deliberately set aside the time for the whole house-family to be together for a while. Nowadays, it doesn't happen unless it's planned. But times like these remain crucial to our well-being as a church household.

Afterwards we swapped presents we'd bought for one another (for a maximum of £2 each). I was especially touched at the thought that had gone into mine: 3 bottles tied together with a spiritual message about containing the Holy Spirit. Other gifts were special: stuffed bananas, picture boxes, amazing dragon fruit, a calendar of sweets and messages...

It was also the birthday of a young teenager, and delightfully funny friend, so the time together was even more special.

I'm left to reflect that we continue to need to find ways of drawing close. It's all to easy to be drawn in different directions. But like a parent and child spinning round together, it's imperative that together we create a continuous vortex of love.