Battlestations - Jesus Army Life, Day 198

We talk about 'battle' in the church sometimes. This can be over-glamourised as some kind of heroic warfare with the dark forces of Satan. But really it's all about overcoming in the evil day, and yes there may well be demons involved too.

At White Stone, we've been knowing some battle lately. Take together various illnesses, car crashes, impurity, arguments at work, violence, anxiety over young disciples, isolation and increased pressure and you have battle. It only takes a few of the core people to be spiritually knocked off course and there begins to be a little too much flak for everyone else to handle. Maintaining strength is an important issue among us. Not that individually we have to be strong (vulnerability and 'weakness' can actually be vital to the Christian walk) but we have to maintain strength as a team. As we stand strong in love and hope and faith God's grace looks after the rest.

So yesterday, at house family breakfast, we got together to review the battle of the last fortnight. We prayed for each other and the day went well.

We need to keep standing together, there is so much to accomplish, and too much of the future to allow to slip away. And we need those who are able, though hesitant, to step up to the front line too (the place of sacrifice and pressure). We fight together and win the evil day.