Women at large - Jesus Army Life, Day 194

Okay, I've done it. I've set my mobile phone's alarm to go off at 11pm every night... And this renewed effort to get me to bed on time seems to be working. Bizarre though. Only in community would someone need to set themselves an alarm to go to bed rather than to wake up in the morning!

Things at White Stone are pretty mellow at the moment. At least that's mellow in a sort of manic but manic at a steady pace sort of way: This weekend, we must have had six people stop over and I can think of about seven women who came round who aren't regular members of our community. The sisters had a lot on their hands but it's good to have a growing flock of women adding to the life we experience here.

Tonight there are several 'cell groups' taking place (I'm not sure if the womans' cell group has kicked off yet but it should be doing so soon). People are getting together at the university, down the cafe, evangelising on the streets all in the name of building a Kingdom for Jesus. Before that happens however, the elders and trainee elders are having a meal together, which, according to our tradition, leaves one poor lad covering a grace time with several older women in attendance. He he, should be good training for him...