Gospel works - Jesus Army Life, Day 186

Last night was beautiful. It is so rare that the people in the house get to spend time to be just together (there's usually someone else visiting or one of us will be out on church business somewhere). It is important that we take a little time to look after one another as well as others who come round.

An example of our busy-ness is last week, when I and five other members of the household were in Leicester Square, London, meeting people, feeding them and praying for them. It was evangelism work and we found many opportunities to share the gospel.

Someone said recently that whenever the gospel is being shared successfully there will always be trouble. And true to form we did see some of that, with objections from the authorities and two disturbances on the streets. Nonetheless, the majority of the time there was peace and I'm looking forward to hearing news from the local church of new people going along to their meetings.

PS. A special mention to a trusted friend and sister who has promised to institute a church tradition of making flapjacks for Wednesday nights, now that there are four 'servant groups' in the running.