Promising friendships and the flesh - Jesus Army Life, Day 174

Last night I phoned four different men I'm in touch with. Wednesdays evenings are normally a good time to get together with friends living outside the community but my usual partner in these things had an important meeting so I took the opportunity to have some good chats on the phone instead.

It does feel like a time when various folk are stepping forward and wanting more of God and his church. There are many new and cherished relationships where God is at the centre, and I'm looking forward to seeing some of these people tonight or in the next few days or so. Long may it continue.

One man I spoke to sounded pretty bored at home, and for the second time that day I shied away from the opportunity to meet up with him. A decision I regret. Quality times with anyone who's keen on the Kingdom of God are invaluable, but I was tired and needed to rest. The truth is that I'm only tired because I'm going to bed too late at night, filling my waning hours with trivial things. The cold truth I'm going to need to be more disciplined if I'm going to be a man for God's Kingdom.