Living for Jesus - Jesus Army Life, Day 178

A beautiful weekend. The highlight of which was having about 40 people packed into our lounge to celebrate a couple of baptisms. It's great that our community can be available to serve others in that way.

The baptisms were very special because both individuals are fiery in their desire for God. The event spoke of new life and a determination to fight for the entry of the Kingdom of God into this dark world. Your Kingdom come...

They were special too because it was a triumph for a family that has experienced some tragedy. The father, who by all accounts seems to have been a very special man, died of cancer a few years ago, leaving behind four children and his wife. Baptism is supposed to be about death: death of the old life and birth into a life of new creation. Certainly, the father sounds as if he was brimming with life, and even in his death he seems to have purchased souls for Christ. I think these two have done their father proud. (I know I felt very proud of them.) Their lives are testimonies to their parents' faith, but it is no longer second-hand, it is real for them as individuals. The two have become warriors in their own right.