All of a blur - Jesus Army Life, Day 269

When I've got my head together I'll talk about the Alive Weekend Festival: four days of national church gathering, sharing vision, receiving the Spirit. It's all a bit of a blur to me at the moment, I know there was some convicting stuff going on and a powerful move of the Spirit too, but looking after the video team and a few young disciples seemed to dominate much of my spare head space. I decided to give my heart to Jesus even if my head couldn't take it all in... and that's why I need to let things settle first. But I probably won't ever get time... it's the Power Weekend in three weeks! Life goes too fast.

Some of the household has taken time off to re-centre ourselves and the household in its own part of the vision and the work of the church (not me, I had to work yesterday and a couple of others are working today). Still yesterday sounded interesting. I returned home to find the house filled with teenagers (a couple of girls had brought their mates around). Everyone had been doing DIY/garden work together - something we used to do as a whole church in the early days and still do a little... harvesting gooseberries, plums etc. In the morning there had been a workshop on 'Being a disciple - teachable and up for challenges'. It sounded pretty good. The mandatory trust exercise was being helped across a road blindfolded! Disciplines were handed out too (I've spoken about those before). In the evening we had some teaching on what it means to be a disciple - lots more spiritual stuff on moving in the power and life of Jesus.

So, as you can tell, a lot to take in. Hope it settles eventually.