Quirky - Jesus Army Life, Day 262

(I'm just getting back into the habit of writing daily blogs properly, so please forgive the following entry... I just couldn't think what to write about...)

Yesterday, one of the cars we share: 'DBD' (we always refer to cars by the last three letters on the registration plate) started overheating on the way home from work. It was a bigger problem because we were on the motorway at the time, but all the normal causes: radiator fan not working, no water, low oil, seemed to be working fine. Myself and two other brothers got out to pour over the engine, scratching our heads, wondering what to do, but there was no solution to the problem. We just put the internal heater on full and drove the rest of the way home at 50mph.

Our most technical of brothers commented that this was typical: a car always seems to go down before a big Festival Weekend. (The giant marquee is being set up in a field in Northampton in preparation as I write.) But we've arranged to borrow a minibus from another community house so hopefully it shouldn't be much of a problem - though it's anybody's guess how many young friends we'll have coming... Personal organisation isn't their strong point, but then again, it's not mine either. (I was heard commenting recently that you can always tell what the sisters are doing about five months in advance because their requests for transport will be written into the transport book. Me? I have to put a daily reminder on my phone just to remember to ask myself if I need any transport!)

But DBD has other issues too, it's a bit of an attention seeker really. Its alarm/hazard lights will always start flashing after a while, as if the slightest touch from some shadow had set them off, but try to make them flash deliberately and they stubbornly stay quiet. At work people will kindly come to tell you that the lights are flashing but after several times of switching them off you can't be bothered to respond any more. The garage knows about the problem but hasn't been able to solve it. Just another quirky car I suppose.